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June 13, 2013
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Sweden X Reader LEMON
    – The Misunderstanding

**WARNING: This Reader insert has sexual content**


Berwald was nervous.

As he watched Tino and Peter play a game of cards in their living-room, his thoughts were elsewhere. Every few minutes he’d check the grandfather clock on the far wall for the time, and every time Tino met his steady gaze, he would give the Swede a reassuring smile; but it wasn’t helping like it usually would.
While he looked the same on the outside as he did usually – expressionless and a little intimidating – he was inwardly telling himself to calm down. There was an unusual fluttering in his stomach that made him feel vaguely nauseous and no matter how hard he tried to take his mind off of the feeling by concentrating on mending Emil’s broken watch on his lap, nothing seemed to make him feel normal again.

When the doorbell rang, he let out a startled grunt, which in turn, made Tino give a squeak of surprise.

Peter, however, smiled wide and jumped to his feet, crying, “Yay!! (Name)’s here for our sleepover!”

Berwald could only gulp as his grip on the watch caused the glass to crack.


Tino gave a nervous chuckle in response to something you’d been saying as he carried your bags down the hallway to the room you’d be occupying for the night. You smiled at him as he held the door open for you, even as you wondered why he and Berwald were acting so strangely today.

“Thanks, Tino,” you said gratefully, as you stripped off your coat and laid it down on the bed, “Now, do you need a hand with dinner? Or should I go and tire Peter out with some games?”

“Oh, you don’t need to lift a finger while you’re here, (Name)! You’re our guest, so please do what you like,” Tino replied quickly, for a moment acting like his usual self. But the moment soon passed as he cleared his throat and nervously shut the bedroom door behind him.

You bit your lower lip, hoping that this wasn’t going where you thought it was going. For a while now, you’d suspected Tino of harbouring a bit of a crush on you, mainly due to his sweet smiles and apparent nervousness when in your presence. Truth be told, you found him quite endearing; but unfortunately, your feelings were directed elsewhere…namely, towards Tino’s slightly older Swedish housemate.

So, when the Finnish man ultimately asked you what he did, it was with an awful feeling of impending guilt that you replied.

“(Name)…would you do me a favour later tonight? Could-could you meet me in my room at around nine o’clock…? I-I have something I want to talk with you about.”

Oh no…a confession? Crap... you thought, as you gave Tino a small smile that didn’t quite reach your eyes. “Eh, sure Tino…yours is the room at the end of the hall opposite the bathroom, right?”

“Yes, yes, that’s the one. Great! See you later then – bye!”

With that, Tino rushed out of the room, moving more quickly than you thought possible. Weird.
Sitting down on your temporary bed, you sighed as the sinking feeling of anxiety settled in your gut. It wouldn’t be easy to explain to Tino that you couldn’t return his feelings; he was one of your closest friends. What if your answer made him dislike you? Granted, that wasn’t a very likely outcome, considering Tino was so good-natured, but you were still worried.
The guilt welled up within you as one particular thought kept circling around in your brain: Why couldn’t it have been Berwald…?


That afternoon, you played numerous games of Twister with Peter and Matthias – who had arrived home early from work – with Berwald spinning the dial and reading out your next positions. The Swede sat behind where you were playing, which caused you to blush on several occasions due to your embarrassing positions (butt in the air, legs spread apart…anyone who has ever played Twister can relate, right?).

Little did you know that the apparently stoic blond was inwardly attempting to contain himself…seeing your body twisting and stretching at his command being far more exhilarating than perhaps it should have been.

Meanwhile, Matthias was continually earning himself unfriendly glares from Berwald throughout the game on account of his close proximity to you, which made the Dane suddenly wary of the tense atmosphere that had built up within the house.

His wariness only increased during dinner, where Tino, Berwald and you all seemed to be more withdrawn than usual. Matthias managed to fill the awkward silences with jovial stories and Peter helped to lift the mood with a thorough explanation as to why onions were so disgusting, but the tension radiating off of the rest of the company was difficult to ignore.

And so, after dinner and some more games with you and Peter, Matthias cornered Tino in the kitchen.

“Okay, what’s going on?”

“Eh? I don’t know what you mean-“

“Sure you do, Finny. Why is everyone so weird tonight? First Ber, with his glaring and being even more scary than usual, then you with your jumpy nerves, and now (Name), who keeps checking the time and sighing, as if she’s going to her death or something. Spill, Tino!”

Tino quickly put down the dish he’d been washing and shushed the Dane, glancing warily out of the kitchen doorway and through to the living room, where you were currently reading a story to Peter while Berwald stared at you while half-heartedly trying to fix Emil’s watch. Once certain that you were out of earshot, Tino sighed and started to explain.

“It was Berwald’s idea. He came up with a plan to finally tell (Name) how he feels about her.”

“What?! Ber likes (Name)?”

“Of course! Isn’t it obvious?”

“Not really, no.”

“Oh. Well, anyway. I asked (Name) to meet me upstairs later, because Berwald seemed to think she’d definitely go if I asked her to. He thought she might get scared if he asked…even though it’s obvious that she has feelings for him too.”

“(Name) likes Ber?! Seriously?”

“…you’re so oblivious, Matthias. Yes. Anyway. She’ll go to my room, but the lights will be off. Then…I think Berwald means to kiss her, or something. But he wasn’t too clear on that part.”

“I have a hard time believing he was clear on any parts. I only ever hear one or two words from him a day,” Matthias replied, scratching the back of his head in confusion.

Tino just smiled and turned back to his dishes, saying happily, “Well, we’re good friends. Berwald hardly ever asks for favours, so I was only too glad to help!”


Once Peter had been put to bed and the games and books packed away for another day, the fire was lit inside of the living room to keep out the chill. Matthias and you watched some television with beer and cocoa (beer for the Dane, naturally), while Tino and Berwald disappeared to another corner of the house, until the old grandfather clock chimed nine times. You gulped and set down your mug, excusing yourself as your stomach started to go crazy with butterflies and the image of a broken hearted Tino filled your mind. As soon as you turned your back to him, Matthias began to smirk secretively before returning his attention to the soccer game on the TV.

Up the stairs and quietly past Peter’s room, you reached Tino’s room only to see that the lights were off within. Were you early? Was Tino backing out…?

But as you fumbled for the light switch, you were stopped by a large hand that enclosed around your upper arm, causing you to gasp in surprise. You heard the door click closed and gulped, unable to think straight as another hand gripped your other arm. In the darkness, you couldn’t make out Tino’s features, let alone where his face was in proximity to your own, but you had the uncomfortable suspicion that he was about to kiss you.

Without thinking, you blurted out, “I’m sorry, but I can’t return your feelings!”


For a moment, it was as if the world had stopped.

You held your breath as the hands gripping you loosened and then fell away. Why isn’t Tino saying anything?? This wasn’t like him at all. What if you’d really broken his heart and the sweet Fin no-longer wanted to be your friend?

“I-I’m really sorry, but I have feelings for someone else. I would have told you sooner, but I wasn’t sure if you really did like me…romantically. But can we please still be friends? I honestly don’t know what I’d do if I wasn’t friends with you and your family…”

More silence filled the room even as your desperate voice died away. Your eyes were taking a while to become accustomed to the dark, so you couldn’t even gage Tino’s reaction based on his expression.

“Please…y-you make me smile! I don’t want to lose you as a friend, Tino!”

After another uncomfortable silence of squinting and shallow breathing, you jumped and squeaked as a grunt that could have been a laugh was heard from the man in front of you. A laugh that certainly didn’t belong to Tino.

“Hang on a sec…” you muttered as you moved your hands up in front of you to rest on the shoulders of whoever stood before you. Tino was of a similar height to yourself; the man in front of you was at least a head taller! That meant either Matthias, who was watching the soccer downstairs, or…or…

“Ber…Berwald? I don’t understand…”

Nor did you have time to understand, for after another moment, Berwald’s lips were on your own and all reasonable thought dissipated.

He replaced his hands to where they’d been before and gripped you firmly, but not painfully. Your gentle giant. His lips were cool and hesitant but as soft and tempting as you’d imagined they would be. After the initial shock had worn off, you slowly slipped your arms around Berwald’s neck and pressed your body close to his, your warm curves meeting his hard, lean torso. The contact made Berwald open his mouth to you and your kisses become more heated and frantic.

In what seemed like hours to you, but what was only minutes in reality, you found yourself on your back on top of Tino’s bed. Your actions were beginning to grow bolder as the Swedish man on top of you began to lose what little restraint he still retained. He went from being careful and patient to growling in your ear as his hands touched you all over. Large, warm and calloused, they felt magnificent against your skin, which had become sensitive the moment he began touching you. With one hand caressing your hip and another travelling up your shirt, you moaned quietly beneath him and brought the Swede in for another kiss.

As his hand gripped one of your breasts, you arched your back appreciatively, and both of you suddenly knew that you were in for more than you’d bargained for.

After some exploration of one another’s clothed bodies, Berwald sat upright and brought you up in front of him, legs entwined. He slowly raised the bottom of your shirt up and over your head, once you’d raised your arms, and watched as you reached back to unclasp your bra. Once undone, he stopped you from taking it off all the way with gentle hands and proceeded to remove it for you. He then looked over you with a reverent gaze before leaning forwards and capturing your lips once again. His kisses moved from your mouth down along your jawline, then onto your neck – which made you giggle softly, causing him to nuzzle into you with a soft, indistinguishable sound of reply. Berwald then trailed his lips along your skin and down to one of your breasts, his warm breath bringing pleasant goose-bumps to your flushed flesh, before he took your nipple in his warm, wet mouth and alternated between gently circling it with his tongue and latching his mouth around the bud and pulling. The sensation ignited a desperate desire in the form of warmth and wetness within your lower regions that only grew stronger as Berwald moved to your other breast.

The breathy moans you were eliciting and the feeling of your soft skin beneath his hands had already made the Swede hard. But the opportunity to please you made it relatively easy for him to forestall his own pleasure for the sake of yours.

Without warning, you suddenly felt one of Berwald’s hands undoing the button of your pants, even as his mouth continued to please you, and when the zip was down, two of his fingers slipped inside to rest on your panties.

You gripped Berwald around his torso and squirmed as his fingers caressed you. He removed his mouth from your hardened nipple slowly only to gaze at you with shining blue eyes, now visible due to the thin slice of moonlight that filtered in from between the closed curtains. You met his gaze with desperation gleaming in your own eyes; mouth ajar with increasing ecstasy as he continued to touch you.

“Mmph, Berwald…” you murmured and brought your hands up to cup his face, bringing your lips ever closer to his but not all the way. Just inches away from one another, Berwald watched you closely as you breathed the same air and shared the same excitement. You were so completely aroused now that the movement of Berwald’s fingers was almost too much to bear; you wanted more from him before the pleasure grew too intense.

Trying to control an ounce of willpower, you slid an unsteady hand down the length of his arm to rest on his wrist, which was at level with the waistband of your panties. Your soft grip was enough to let your lover know that he should withdraw his hand, though Berwald did so with a slight frown on his features, confused as to why you wouldn’t let him finish. With a mischievous smile, you kissed him softly and then proceeded to remove his clothing.

First to go was his shirt, which left his irresistible torso bare for you to touch with gentle hands, running inquisitive fingers along the lines that his muscles made, lingering on his nipples as he had with your own. You would have touched every inch of his bare chest if you hadn’t noticed the sizeable bulge in his pants and the expression of subtle neediness he wore.

You tentatively undid the button and zipper of Berwald’s pants and noticed the opening in his boxer shorts that allowed you better access to what was beneath. Once the button was undone, you slipped a hand through the opening and gripped the Swedish man’s length, gently pulling him free of his clothing as the blond drew in a sharp breath and closed his eyes. Your hand moved down his length and up again in a firm but gentle pumping motion and you felt yourself becoming even more stimulated as you watched Berwald’s face contort with pleasure.

It didn’t take long at all before the Swede placed a hand on your wrist, however; his normally stoic countenance now slightly pained and desperate as he lowered his head to whisper in your ear.


Between his straining erection and your damp panties, both of you knew where this was going.

As the rest of the clothes were stripped away by the two of you, you couldn’t help but pause every now and then to exchange a heated kiss, with wet tongues eager to touch and hands busy exploring every inch of one another. You couldn’t get enough of him, or he you.

Then, the pants and underwear were gone and it was time to fully realise just how much you wanted one another.

Berwald buried his face in the crook of your neck as you guided his length inside of you, biting your lip as you adjusted to his size and letting out a contented sigh once the big man was inside of your pulsing heat. It felt so right. As if everything had been leading up to this moment; every encounter between you, every word you’d ever exchanged, every touch you’d shared. As Berwald moved his hips back and then forwards again, the need for friction between your legs grew and you spurred him on by nibbling on his earlobe and moaning in his ear.

His movements increased in speed and strength as he lost all ability to stop, moving his torso back so that he could be above you, looking deep into your lust-filled eyes to feel the satisfaction that came intrinsically with giving you pleasure.

Berwald thrust into you heavily a few more times before you met your release, your eyes widening and a deep moan of pleasure erupting from your throat. As he gazed intently down at you, the blond Swede felt himself let go, his breath catching on the final thrust of ecstasy and his eyes closing as wave after wave of pleasure rolled through his body.

He then carefully lay beside you, breathing heavily and flushing with the aftermath. You were no better; lying on your back, your chest heaving as you tried to regain some amount of composure.

Once the pleasure inside of you had calmed down to a manageable extent and you could trust your voice again, you moved around to lie on your side, facing your Swedish lover with shy smile and meeting his steady blue-eyed gaze.

Feigning sudden surprise, you gasped and slapped him gently on the shoulder, saying, “Hey! You’re not Tino!”

Berwald grunted with displeasure at your joke before pinning you beneath him once again and silencing your laughter with his lips. You smiled into the kiss and brought him closer to you by wrapping your arms around him.

When he drew back, your gaze became serious and you said earnestly, “I’m the happiest girl in the world right now, you know…”

Berwald cracked an almost-smile before replying in his deep voice, “Din lycka är min lycka, min kärlek…”


Your happiness is my happiness, my love…

This is a request for :iconsteph3344: ! You can visit her page here: [link]

My very first Sweden X Reader - and it's a lemon :iconsweatdropplz: haha. I hope you guys don't mind the length - I considered breaking it in two, but figured you wouldn't like the cliffhanger xD Right at the heart of the 'misunderstanding'!

Anyway, I hope that this request fulfilled your needs, Miss Steph, and I hope everyone else enjoyed it!
Til next time!

I do not own Hetalia.
Theme 'Misunderstanding' and request from: :iconsteph3344:
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