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August 8, 2012
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Romano X Teacher!Reader – Private Tutoring

"So that about wraps up this week's tutorial, make sure you guys do the reading for next week and check out the assignment that's  been posted up online. Enjoy your weekend!"

You watched the members of your class start packing away their books and chattering amongst themselves with a smile on your face. Being a tutor was actually a pretty cool job! As a PhD student at university it was also a good way to earn money and brush up on your knowledge of Italian history – you'd studied it as a minor in your freshmen years, so you had enough experience in the area to be able to help out the students with their questions and queries. They were all so eager, too! It was handy being roughly the same age as them because it seemed to make communication easier.

Although, it did also have its disadvantages.

"Heeey _____, vhat're you up to tonight?" said a voice close to your ear and you looked up to see Gilbert with a smug smile on his handsome albino face.
The only issue you'd been having since becoming a tutor was with the boys in your group. Unfortunately, they seemed to find you…attractive. And being college boys, they took every opportunity presented to them to flirt with you and let you know that they were interested. Bleeeeh.

You found it a little hilarious. Sure, they were plenty good-looking and most of them were smart and funny, but you could never imagine actually dating any of them. They were your students, after all. Wasn't there some kind of rule that said you weren't allowed to date students…? Even if you were a student yourself…?

In any case, while you did find the young men sweet, you weren't at all interested in them in a romantic sense. It just seemed a little…wrong. Maybe even perverted?

So, looking up at Gilbert with a sly smile on your face, you replied, "Oh I have a very busy night ahead of me, Gil. I have a whole stack of papers to mark by Monday for you guys. I might even try to get them all done tonight…so I can sleep the rest of the weekend away."

"Really, frau? Kesesesesese, if you'd like, I could come and keep you company-"

"Or I could!" Antonio interrupted with a cheeky smile on his face, as his green eyes sparkled with mischief.

"No vay! The awesome me asked first!"

"I WANT TO KEEP ____ COMPANY, TOO!" yelled Alfred, jumping over to the other two boys excitedly.

Sighing, you begun to gather your books and put them in your satchel, letting the three boys continue on with their little argument. Glancing around, you saw that most of the students were getting up to leave with their friends, though you happened to notice one of the boys glaring over at Antonio, Alfred and Gilbert while he angrily whispered something to the boy next to him. It was the Italian student Lovino Vargas and his brother Feliciano. One of them was so carefree and kind, while the other had a bad temper and always managed to be rude to you.

One of your goals as a tutor this semester was to improve Lovino's attitude. It wasn't just that he was rude, but he also didn't put a lot of effort into the class work, which could result in him failing the subject. You didn't want any of your students to fail, but especially not Lovino – he was one of the brightest students in your group and he knew an awful lot about Italian history; he just didn't seem to want to put in any effort. It would be a real shame if he didn't pass.

"Okay boys, let me make it clear to you again: I am not going to invite you over to my place. Go home and party with your friends, okay?" you managed to shut Alfred, Antonio and Gilbert up with relative ease as  you walked over to the Italian brothers, still whispering and putting away their books, "Lovino? Could I talk to you for a sec please?"

The handsome Italian looked up at you in surprise, getting some jealous glares from Alfred, Antonio and Gilbert who exited the classroom, and replied, "Yeah sure. I'll meet you back at the dorms, Feli."

"Ve! Ciao _____, ciao fratello," said the happy brother, who was the last one to leave the room, leaving only you and Lovino.

"What do you want?" he asked in his usual irritated tone, crossing his arms over his chest and glaring at you from beneath his mop of dark brown hair. You eyed the curl that bounced on top of his head whenever he moved, resisting the urge to reach out and pull it. It seemed to be a family trait – his brother had one too.

"No need to get so defensive, Lovino," you sighed and sat down next to him, "I just wanted to ask how you've been going and stuff."

He gave you a look as if to ask 'Are you crazy or something?!' Instead, he asked, "What the hell does that mean?" Not much better, but probably more subtle.

"It means I'm worried about you. You seem to know all your stuff for this subject, but when it comes to actually applying that knowledge it's like you'd rather be eaten by sharks. If you keep this up you're gonna fail, Lovino," you said, bringing your face closer to his to get him to look at you, "It'd be a real shame if you did. You're probably the smartest guy in this group."

He scowled and looked back down at his feet, a bright blush blossoming in his cheeks. "Whatever. I don't really give a damn about passing or failing."

"But it would make life easier if you passed rather than failed, right? What I'm saying is you'd be able to pass this subject in a cinch if you just gave it a try. It wouldn't take much effort from you. Just a little patience," you gave him a warm smile that seemed to deepen his blush, "Is there anything I can do to help at all? You just seem pretty angry all the time…do you want to talk about anything? Because that's pretty much what I'm here for."

He cleared his throat and stood up abruptly, grumbling, "What could an idiota like you do? I'll try to do better, but no promises. Ciao, have fun with your marking."

He left the room before you could stop him, leaving you frowning at the empty space he left behind. He'd called you an idiot! In Italian! Your eye twitched in annoyance at his rudeness and you stood up roughly to collect your things, only to knock your chair over loudly. Growling, you picked it up and stewed over your frustrating conversation with Lovino.

You stopped momentarily, realizing that he must've overheard your little conversation with Gilbert to comment on the marking you had to get done. Was that why he'd glared at them? Did he just not like the boys or…did he actually like you?
PART DUE: [link]

Rrrrrrromano! :dance: He's such a cutie.

I had today off, so I've-a been writing like-a mad! (sorry Italian accent's a little, er, off...)

:wave: Grazie for reading!

I don't own Hetalia.
I don't own the image.
Romano owns you.
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