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August 8, 2012
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Romano X Teacher!Reader – Private Tutoring 2

Over the next couple of weeks, it seemed as if Lovino had actually taken your advice – well, it seemed as if he'd tried to. His marks were up and then they were down again…he'd put in an effort on a whim, before deciding that it wasn't worth his time. You were frustrated; he was so good at the subject! Why did he slack off so much? And why was he so angry and rude all the time?!

One day after class, you decided to ask Feliciano about his brother's…affliction. The cheery Italian was so much easier to talk to than his angry brother, always smiling and avoiding any confrontation. They were like exact opposites.

Unfortunately, Feliciano wasn't overly helpful regarding his brother's attitude.

"My fratello's always been like that, _____ bella! He gets angry for no reason and he's always been a bit lazy! I'm sure he'll do some work if you ask him again, he probably just forgets, you know? Don't worry too much!"

Easy for him to say. He wasn't the one who had to talk to Lovino about his marks. Again.

So, once more you asked Lovino to stay back after your latest tutorial. Once more, he grumbled about it and spoke rudely. You were becoming fed up with his attitude and by the time he'd said 'whatever' for the third time, you snapped at him.

"Lovino, stop being such a bastard! I'm trying to help you, dammit! Why can't you just give it a go, huh? Join in when the class is having a discussion. Write out your essays a couple of days before they're due so that they're not submitted late. Listen to my advice for once! I'm here to help you, but I can't help if you won't let me!" By the time you'd finished, you were standing in front of him, fists clenched by your sides and your face hot with annoyance.

Lovino didn't waste a second to respond.

"Screw you, ____! Why the hell should I accept help from the likes of you, eh? All you do is nag, nag, nag – well I don't want your help! I'll do the work when I want to, if I want to, and if I fail, then I fail! At least I won't have to sit through anymore classes with an idiota tutor who flirts with all her stupido students! You know, maybe you should consider a career at an all-girls college or something, so that you're not tempted to sleep with anyone who asks, eh?" his face was tomato-red and his breathing was heavy when he finished. He was standing right up close to your face with his finger jabbing at your chest, his deep brown eyes glaring into yours.

You could feel tears beginning to swell in your eyes but you blinked them back angrily as Lovino turned to leave. You practically growled at him, furious that he would just leave you after saying such cutting things!

Without really thinking about it, you grabbed onto his curl and pulled him back towards you.

To your utter surprise, he let out a strangled moan and had you pinned back on one of the desks before you could so much as blink. He panted above you as you continued to hold onto his curl, looking up at his bright red face curiously.


In a strange state of anger and curiosity, you decided to ignore his demand and pulled on the curl again. Hard.

        Lovino's hips bucked into yours suddenly and you let out a yelp before he forcefully crushed your lips with his. What the hell?! You were thinking, but as his tongue licked your bottom lip you found it difficult to think about anything anymore and you kissed the Italian back passionately, arching your back so that your breasts were crushed against his chest. You decided to pull the curl again, slowly this time.

He growled and shoved his tongue deeper into your mouth, slamming his hips into yours and practically ripping the buttons off of your shirt to gain better access to your chest. It's true what they say about Italian's being fantastic lovers…

All of a sudden, the door to the classroom burst open and you both looked up in surprise to see Gilbert, Alfred and Antonio standing in the opening, mouths open in shock at the sight of you pinned beneath Lovino on the desk, your shirt open and your legs wrapped around his waist, hair dishevelled. Lovino scowled at them.

"Get the hell outta here, you bastardo's!" he yelled, and for once they actually seemed to listen to him.

The door closed and you looked up at Lovino shyly, a little embarrassed by your hasty…seduction? Well, you hadn't known what that curl was for, so it wasn't really on purpose! However, you weren't really displeased with the results…

Lovino cleared his throat and looked down at you, his face red again with a deep blush as he realised the position the two of you were in. "Erm, sorry about that, _____...but I did warn you not to touch it, didn't I?"

Giggling, you nodded and proceeded to pull on his curl again. Screw the rules, this was one student you couldn't resist…
Soooo, this is bordering on LEMON territory...but it doesn't quite make it there. Keeping it clean! (ish...) :blush:

Part UNO: [link]

Thaaanks for reading! :D


I don't own Hetalia.
I don't own the image.
Romano owns you.

EDIT: Mmk, so as far as I can tell, numbers for 1 & 2 are as follows for their respective languages:

Italian: Uno & Due
Spanish: Uno & Dos
French: Un & Deux

So...yeah? Think I've got it right? ...Maybe? ...hopefully. Let's leave it at that.
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