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August 24, 2012
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England X Reader – Maid for You

You couldn't stop the smile from spreading across your face as you felt the warm rays of sunlight caress your flushed cheeks. It surrounded you in the dwindling daylight hours of the afternoon, filling the beautiful sun-room with light and life that made a warm feeling of contentment settle in your stomach. This was England, after all. Warmth was one thing, but sunlight as well? That was almost unheard of! Afternoons like this were to be savored, to be marveled at while basking in the fading natural warmth with a nice cup of tea and a good book…but unfortunately, your work didn't allow for that kind of leisure.

It made it all the more difficult to return to the task at hand. But you gritted your teeth and continued spraying the large windows and scrubbing them vigorously with a washcloth. You were absolutely determined to do your best in order to please the Kirkland's and maintain your position as a member of their staff. And so you ignored the dull pain in your arms and kept at it.

While it was one thing to ignore the pain in your arms, it was another thing entirely to ignore the half-naked Englishman swimming in the pool on the other side of the window.

The sun-room you were occupying surrounded the prized indoor pool in the centre of the Kirkland Manor, a masterpiece in and of itself. It was a long, shimmering blue spectacle with gorgeous tiled murals on the inside and small cross-crossing fountains on the outside.

The heir to the Kirkland estate swam graceful laps in the beautiful water with ease, leaving small bubbles and ripples in his wake as he propelled himself forwards with strong limbs. The pool may have been stunning but Arthur Kirkland's body was the most magnificent thing in that room.

Trying to be nonchalant, you tore your eyes away from him slowly and continued to wipe down the windows with far more care than was probably necessary. Little did you know that the seemingly oblivious Arthur was likewise casting you looks of appraisal…


Arthur threw sly glances over at you in between strokes and breaths. In one lap, he would gaze at your pretty face as you glared at a persistent speck of dirt on the window that he couldn't see. In another lap, he could feel himself blush as his eyes traveled down your body…just the term 'maid' was enough to bring to mind dirty thoughts in the English gentleman, but it certainly didn't help that you were always wearing the simple grey-blue maid's uniform that all the female staff donned around the Estate. It was nothing provocative; just a button-down dress with white cuffs and a small white apron. It even went down to the knee, appearing conservative, while at the same time gripping the curves of the female form in all the right places and leaving much to the imagination. And boy did Arthur imagine…

You hadn't always been a maid in the Kirkland household – in fact it was a relatively new gig. The simple truth was that you needed the money to pay for living expenses and as luck would have it, the Kirkland's were in need of a new maid. You'd always been fairly close to the upper-class family from across the way, having been something of an explorer when you were younger, and you'd soon found yourself becoming fast friends with the young Kirkland heir. You both shared a passion for tea and scones (even if his tasted revolting), which had formed the foundations of an instant bond between a spoilt rich boy and a modest, lower-class girl.

While you were still familiar with one another these days, you had become slightly awkward after puberty hit. Your body was curvy and feminine now, while Arthur had developed broad shoulders and hard muscles – a boy and girl turned man and woman. The two of you didn't really know how to deal with these changes, despite being such good friends, and by the time you'd accepted the job as a maid under the employ of the Kirkland's, Arthur and you hardly spoke at all anymore.

You had to admit that you'd missed the sweet Brit; his rare but adorable smile, his silly bushy eyebrows and his kind green eyes. He'd always been able to make your heart flutter strangely when he looked at you with those eyes.
Arthur had missed you equally as much, though he hadn't realized it until he'd seen you again after you took up the job. His heart had leapt into his throat when he'd seen you in your cute maid's uniform for the first time, with your eager smile and your easy attitude. He missed being able to talk to you, to go out and do things with you…and yet, he still didn't know how to get back to the point where you could be close again. There was something that always stopped him from talking to you like he used to, a kind of barrier that made him blush and stutter.

And he always found himself thinking about you in ways that a friend probably shouldn't.


In any case, Arthur and you managed to coexist in relative peace as you worked around his house, despite the tension that had built up between you.

You wriggled your neck from side to side in an attempt to stretch the aching muscles as you moved onto another window, daring to cast another glance over at the floating Kirkland, who had finally run out of stamina. For a dangerous moment, you couldn't draw away your gaze and you stood staring at his wet chest as it bobbed against the water's surface, his green eyes hidden behind closed eyelids. He really was amazing. You gulped and wondered vaguely at the warm feeling that was working its way through your system.


A loud American voice snapped you both out of your quiet reveries, resulting in you dropping your washcloth and Arthur sitting up quickly with a splash. In no time at all, his younger step-brother was running into the pool room and bombing into the deep end, a small tidal wave erupting in his wake.

"Bloody hell, Alfred!" Arthur sputtered after the initial shock had passed and the water had begun to settle.

Alfred just laughed loudly and splashed his brother, slapping him in the face with another wave of frothy water. "Sorry, bra! I just came back from a really awesome, super fun run in the sun – DID YOU SEE THE SUN, IGGY?! – so I wanted to cool off!! What did you think of my total hero entrance??"

Before Arthur could reply, Alfred spotted you over by the window, looking at the water that ran down the glass on the other side from Alfred's jump and wondering if it would still require cleaning. Your thoughts were interrupted by Alfred yelling your name happily and climbing out of the pool to come and see you.

"_______!!!! Ohmygod, you look totally super cool in that maid's outfit! But aren't you hot after all that SUNSHINE?" Alfred said loudly as you stared in dismay at the puddles forming beneath his feet. It would definitely be your job to clean up after him and you were already running behind with the window washing (you blame that on a certain half-naked Brit).

"Nah, I'm okay Al-" you started to say, but suddenly found yourself being lifted into the air by the enthusiastic American. You yelped and kicked out in protest, already feeling the water on his body soaking through your uniform and your skirt riding up around your hips. He paid you no attention, walking towards the pool with deliberation and foreboding laughter.

"C'mon, _____! Swim with Iggy and me!!! I'm sure he'd love to see you wet~!"
Your face turned red as you punched ineffectually at the American's back. It didn't last long, however; when Alfred reached the pool's edge, he let out an especially loud laugh before chucking you into the cool water.


As you sank beneath the water's surface with a dull splash and a cloud of wild bubbles, you couldn't help but do a mental face-palm. Somehow, you didn't think your boss would approve of you, one of the hired help, being thrown playfully into the pool while you were working. The other maid's already turned their noses up at you for knowing the young men. What would they think when you asked for a clean uniform and a quick shower…?

You surfaced with an angry shake of your head, water spraying as your hair flicked out of its ponytail around you. Once your eyes were clear, you glared at the giggling Alfred at the pools edge with eyes full of barely restrained fury. He could be a sweet guy sometimes…but he usually ended up making you mad by doing something like this.

Arthur was busy yelling at him as you climbed out of the pool and breathed in a few deep, calming breaths. Unfortunately, your calm completely dissipated when you looked down to see that your now wet, clingy uniform was semi see-through.

Cue mental face-palm number two. Thanks Alfred.

Arthur had noticed it too. As a matter of fact, he'd abruptly stopped chastising his brother as he stared at you intensely. The uniform clung to your wet body and he could now make out your black bra underneath and your matching panties…
When you finally noticed Arthur's direct gaze, you frowned in sudden alarm; his green eyes were full of desire, lust and need…you even suspected that his swimmers would be straining beneath the water's surface right about now. The thought made you shiver and suddenly it was too much to be in the same room as the Brit.

Leaving Alfred in hysterics and Arthur in a dream-like state, you walked away from the pool with as much dignity as you could muster – which wasn't an awful lot, considering both of them got a good look at your backside as you went.

If you were refused a shower at this point, you may have just quit your job out of embarrassment. Screw the money. Arthur had looked at you like you were a freshly baked and buttered scone, filled with jam and cream that he couldn't wait to taste!

More to come~~

Part 1: You're here!
Part 2: [link]
Part 3 (LEMON): [link]

I think you can see where this one's going... ;P
England is so pervy sometimes! But always adorable.

Thanks for reading folks!


I don't own Hetalia.
Pic: [link]
I don't own you. (You prooobably belong to England...)
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