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September 8, 2012
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Teacher!Denmark X Student!Reader – Teacher's Pet

You grit your teeth at the rising noise level around you yet again, barely restraining the urge to kick back your chair and scream at the noisy crowd behind you.

It was early. You had an assignment to finish by three o'clock and classes to get through in the meantime. The library was supposed to be a quiet place to study, not a place for students to socialize. This was your only free period of the day! You try to contain the growl that wants to escape the confines of your lips and instead take a deep breath in an attempt to calm down.

"Hey! _____!"

You let out a small whimper as the crowd quietens down a bit, waiting for you to turn in your seat. You really didn't want to. Knowing whose voice that was, you really didn't want to. But there wasn't an awful lot of choice.

"What," you say quietly, deadpan as you glare over your shoulder at the group of senior girls and boys standing possessively close to their almighty 'Leader'. Or perhaps 'King' was a better word.

Mr K°hler grins at you like an idiot, swinging back on his chair at the centre of the group with his feet on the table, as if he's a regular delinquent and not a teacher at all. You raise an eyebrow as you look over at him, clearly unimpressed and secretly wishing that he'd fall backwards.

"Have you listened to the CD yet?" he asks loudly, making you cringe inwardly. The girls in the group glare at you without any pretense of subtlety, which only makes your mood worse.

"Uh huh," you mumble and turn back towards your work with your head down, praying that he'll leave it at that. But this was Matthias K°hler, so of course your prayers aren't answered.

You jump in your seat slightly as his voice is suddenly closer, asking persistently, "So? What did you think?"

Mr K°hler sits against the desk with all your work on it, his black tie loose against a crumpled red shirt, blonde hair sticking up all over the place as per usual and blue eyes full of amusement. He knew he was attractive. You knew he was attractive, too. And he definitely knew that you knew he was attractive.

Sighing, you close your textbook and reluctantly turn to face him, absently noticing the lingering crowd of followers standing nearby, straining to listen in on whatever their mighty King might have to say to you.

"It was great. They're a really good band."

"Really, you think so? I'm so glad you like them! They're from Denmark, y'know – like me!" he chuckles and his smile reveals his genuine relief at your approval. You can almost hear the protective hissing of the senior girls behind you. Oh boy.

You honestly had no idea why Mr K°hler was so interested in you. He was your homeroom teacher as well as your geography teacher (not a subject he taught very well) and while he was always super friendly with all the students, he seemed to take it a little further with you. He dismissed the other girl's attempts to flirt with him and instead tried his best to flirt with you, which was as alarming as it was flattering. It also made you public enemy number one to most of the senior girls who worshipped him.

Perhaps if you hadn't gotten up so early to come in and study, you might not have lost your cool so suddenly. But your fuse was running a little short today and the constant chatter that had been going on behind you for the past hour had had a positively damaging effect on your usual state of calm.

And so you end up snapping at him, "I know, Mr K°hler, you've already told me that a thousand times. Would you take a hint and stop bothering me while I'm trying to work? Some of us do work, you know – it may sound surprising to a slack arse teacher like yourself, but it's the truth. Take your mob and go somewhere else to be noisy and annoying. I have things to do and they don't involve wasting my time boosting your ego!"

You really hadn't meant to be so rude. But seeing him surrounded by those students, especially the female seniors, had made you feel uncomfortable and angry for some reason. It wasn't as if any of those girls really liked him; they just thought that he was ridiculously good looking. You shared many of your teacher's interests, however; from Danish music to playing soccer, the two of you actually seemed to have a lot in common.

The bell rings right on time to break up the tense atmosphere that fills the library.

Mr K°hler's groupies throw insults your way as they stream out of the library to get to class but Matthias stays behind, his blue eyes wide with shock and hurt at your little outburst. You instantly regret it and find yourself mumbling an apology. After a moment of awkward silence, he clears his throat and slowly takes your hand, tugging you over to one of the empty teacher's meeting rooms at the back of the library while ignoring the strange looks given to him by students still hanging about. You follow timidly so as not to offend him any further, but on the inside you're completely baffled by his behaviour.

"Do you hate me, ____?" Mr K°hler asks seriously as he closes the door to the room and turns to face you. All noise is effectively shut out as soon as the door closes and the shutters that cover the windows give you and your teacher some much needed privacy.

"What? No! Of course I don't hate you," you exclaim, startled by his question.

You watch your handsome teacher breathe out a sigh of relief and smile up at him encouragingly as he meets your gaze. Unfortunately, what had seemed to you to be an innocent smile made your teacher move closer to you with a strange look in his eyes.

"I'm really happy about that, y'know," he murmurs as he cups your cheek with one of his big hands, "Because I really like you, ____. You're not at all like the other students. Hell, you're not like any woman I know. You have your own opinion and you're not afraid to stand up for yourself. And I find that to be a real turn-on…"

"Um, well thanks?" you barely manage to say before Mr K°hler leans forwards and places a sweet kiss on your lips. It's soft and inviting, gentle and a little hesitant but at the same time greedy. He pushes you gently backwards so that your backside is pressed against the table at the centre of the room, his body leaning into yours confidently. Your teacher ends the kiss slowly and looks at you through half-closed eyes. A small smile passes between you before he closes the space once more.

Your last coherent thought before your mind turns to mush is of the hell you're going to go through when your assignment isn't turned in on time. Then you recall that the teacher for that particular subject currently has his tongue in your mouth and you forget about it completely.

I'm a bit besotted with Denmark at the moment~~ :icondenmarkplz:

The band I was thinking about was a Danish band called The Rumour Said Fire - you can listen to them here: [link]
I like 'em.

Another Teacher-Student story, hope you guys like it! :D

Thanks for reading!


I don't own Hetalia.
I don't own the image ([link])
Denmark owns your vital regions :giggle:
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