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January 3, 2013
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Denmark X Reader – Back in your Arms

Chewing your lower lip nervously, you glanced down at your watch once again. It had been exactly three minutes since you last checked the time however, and so it was with a disappointed sigh that you resigned yourself to waiting in the uncomfortable chair beneath you, your shoulders slumped and your head lolling to the side. Drawing in a deep, calming breath, you told yourself for the hundredth time to calm down and be patient.

Perhaps if your flight had arrived on time, or had even been slightly late, you would be in a different frame of mind. But it had arrived earlier than scheduled and now you were left awaiting the arrival of your boyfriend anxiously; a young woman sitting alone in a huge, busy airport with a small pile of bags to guard. You longed to close your eyes and let the jet lag do its worst, but to fall asleep in such a busy area would render you and your luggage far too vulnerable.

Your anxiety stemmed from the fact that you hadn’t seen your boyfriend for a few weeks and, him being the ‘lady’s man’ that he was, you were strangely nervous to meet him again. What if he’d met someone else while you’d been away? He was certainly very handsome and could often be completely oblivious to the effects he had on women… Had he missed you as much as you’d missed him? Had things changed at home since you’d left?

You caught yourself before your brain could keep asking pointless questions and shook your head as if to clear it. It was ridiculous to doubt the man you were in love with. Turning your thoughts back to your present situation, you sighed once again and tried not to focus on the disappointed feeling in your gut at having to sit around waiting for the man you’d missed so sincerely while you’d been gone. Your fantasies of running off of the plane and making it through customs in record time, only to leap into Mathias’s arms, were banished by the reality of good aeroplane service – who would have guessed?

You pouted as you contemplated calling him. The notion was soon discarded; he would already be on his way to the airport, so there would be little point in telling him you were already there waiting. Instead, you leaned your head back and relished the idea of a comfortable bed and a warm shower awaiting you upon your arrival back home. No more travelling; just the easy living that came with familiarity and the comfort of being back in the arms of your awesome boyfriend…


His voice was loud and thick with his Danish accent, but whenever he spoke your name it was always with a tender note reserved especially for you, a fact that never failed to make you feel special and slightly giddy. You smiled at the thought and tried to conjure up how he would look when you saw him…


He would look at you with those big blue eyes, his strong jawline lax with potential smiles and his spiky blonde hair framing his head like a lion’s mane, giving him a look that drove you wild. As soon as his mouth curved into a smile, his handsome face would make your heart flutter and the knowledge that he was yours brought a smile to your face to mirror his…

“You must be exhausted, kæreste,” murmured Mathias, tucking some lose strands of hair behind your ear.

Your eyes opened slowly to reveal the man you’d been thinking about gazing down at you adoringly from the seat beside you, a smile of contentment on his face with blue eyes full of wonder. You felt yourself beginning to smile back but your body had other plans; you wrapped your arms around your boyfriend’s neck and pulled him toward you for your first kiss in weeks. You felt him smile as your lips met, soft and eager, with a tenderness that you’d sorely missed. Mathias rested his hands on your waist and the warmth of his fingers through the thin fabric of your shirt brought shivers down your spine. It had been too long since he’d touched you…too long since you had last been reminded of his love – physically.

“I missed you,” you whispered into his ear once the kiss had run its course and he had pulled your body forward into an embrace. For a second you remembered the fact that you might not be the cleanest girlfriend after the long flights, but as Mathias’s arms tightened around your torso you forgot about such concerns.

“I missed you more,” he chuckled and buried his face in your neck, “Let’s go home.”

I love Denmark~

Just a little something I thought of the other day - short and sweet.

Thanks for reading!
I don't own Hetalia or the image ([link])
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Awww~! So kawaii~
APH Italy Roll Squeal 
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:iconfrenchsquealplz: SO CUTE!!
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wardie2 Moments ago
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I love Denmark too, he's cute, and from my country... SCORE!!!~ :3

God he's adorable~ :Dummy:

ceciliethehedgehog Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013
erm…fail at the danish…..we don't say kæreste at the end, kæreste mean girlfriend/boyfriend or the thing you hold most dearest. instead we would say min kære, what mean, my dear ^^ just so you know it
Lollipop789 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2013
Denmark is my love! <3 I really enjoyed reading this!!
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