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May 14, 2013
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)

Canada x Reader Lemon:

Study Break.

Sighing, you let your textbook fall heavily onto the coffee table in front of you, taking slight comfort in the satisfying thump it made against the wood.
The satisfaction was short-lived, however; you still hadn’t managed to finish the chapters you’d set out to read and work on for the evening, and it was getting late. You leaned back into the couch and relished the relief of your spine giving into its natural slouchy state – a habit you knew that you should kick, but one that was far too comfortable to give up so easily.

But you’d work on your posture another day. For now, you had more pressing matters to attend to.

Glaring down at your mess of books and notes sprawled across the coffee table, you failed to hear the soft sound of footsteps padding across the floorboards from the kitchen into the living room where you’d set up. It was only when a gentle chuckle was heard from above you that you noticed the presence of your handsome Canadian boyfriend, who stood above you with his arms crossed on the head of the couch, his head resting on his forearms.

You raised your chin to look at him upside-down from where you sat and gave him a crooked smile before asking, “What’re you laughing at, Mattie?”

He smiled down at you with red-tinted cheeks before pushing himself off of the couch to make his way around to where you sat, replying softly, “Oh nothing, (Name).  I was just admiring how cute you look when you’re concentrating…”

You giggled as Matthew sat down beside you, lifting an eyebrow at the mess that you’d made on the table before shyly draping an arm around your shoulders. You instantly moved closer to him, your arms snaking their way around his slim torso as you buried your face in the crook of his neck. His scent immediately filled you with a deep sense of calm, seeming to wash away your earlier frustration with its sweet familiarity; that gorgeous blend of maple and pine. As Matthew’s arms wrapped tenderly around your body, you let out a sigh of contentment, happy to stay in this position all night, rather than face the unfortunate reality of textbook chapters that had your name on them.

“Why don’t you take a break, eh?” Matthew whispered in your ear, his soft voice low and intimate as you raised your head up so that you could be face to face. You stared into his violet eyes and felt a flush rising to your cheeks as you observed his gaze lingering on your lips, his eyelids drooping with something that wasn’t fatigue.

The corners of your lips twitched in response and you replied quietly, “I guess I can take a little break…provided you keep me company and make sure I don’t fall asleep.”

Matthew nodded his head eagerly, “Of course I will! In fact…I-I think I might have a good idea of w-what we could do to pass the time. That is, if it’s alright with you…”

You supressed a grin at his nervous stutter, silently admiring how bold Matthew had become since you’d first started out as a couple. Never in a million years would he have ever propositioned you for sex back then! And now, here he was, almost openly suggesting it – albeit with a slight stutter. You felt warm with pride as you reflected on how comfortable the Canadian must have been with you now to have come such a long way.

“I’m open to suggestions. Surprise me,” you whispered as you lowered your head to gaze up at him though your lashes. He gulped audibly and you had to bite your lower lip in order to keep from giggling. He was just too adorable!

“Well I…well, um. Ah, maple,” he mumbled, before closing the space between the two of you and connecting his soft lips to yours.

Matthew’s first kisses were always gentle and tender, their reservation never failing to inspire a desire for more within you. Taking initiative, you pressed yourself forward into him, pushing him onto his back with a small 'oomph!' whilst pressing your lips into his more forcefully. Matthew’s hands trailed down your back, with one coming to rest on your behind and the other slipping beneath the fabric of your shirt to caress the warm skin underneath. His fingers delicately rubbed soothing circles into your lower back and gradually moved up your spine as you tried not to writhe around too much under the delightfully sensual massage.

You gasped suddenly as you felt Matthew unhitch the clasp of your bra, the unexpected move from beneath your clothing allowing him to slip his warm tongue past your parted lips and into your mouth.

You moaned into the kiss as Matthew skilfully moved his tongue against yours, his sly hand moving around to the front of your body to cup one of your breasts, now easier to access due to the lack of back support. Matthew’s hand was warm and calloused and your back arched as his thumb began to rub slow circles around your nipple. You felt him smile into the kiss, satisfied, as the pink bud hardened and you moved the lower half of your bodies closer together in order to demonstrate your desire. His other hand helped you as it squeezed your backside roughly, pushing your hips down to his.

Matthew pulled away from you gently to stare up at you with eyes clouded in lust, enjoying the panting, sweaty mess you were slowly becoming as your brow creased and you gazed down at him with need.

“Don’t stop,” you murmured.

Your boyfriend was only too happy to oblige. After all, this was exactly what he’d wanted.

The Canadian gripped your behind and flipped you onto your back so that he could be on top, pushing you down into the plush couch cushions beneath as he began to slowly unbutton your shirt. You brought your hands up and around him, running them up and down his back and revelling in the feeling of his muscles tensing beneath your touch. Matthew popped open your last button before sitting up and disposing of his red t-shirt, encouraging you to do the same with yours. With both top-halves now exposed, you both found your hands wondering greedily; his large ones again moved to your breasts, massaging them tenderly as your smaller hands gripped his shoulder blades, your fingers softly working into the muscles beneath as you made breathless sounds of pleasure.

Matthew drew a sharp intake of breath as your hands moved down to his backside, his eyes fluttering closed momentarily as you gripped firmly while pressing down, his hips grinding into yours. You could feel him becoming hard against the sensitive spot between your legs and it was almost too much to withstand.

“Please, Mattie…” you begged; your eyes boring into his as you moved your hips up into his again to feel his arousal. Matthew shuddered pleasantly above you before bringing his hands down and removing your pants, your legs wriggling to help him. After your pants went your panties, leaving you completely naked beneath him.

He brought his warm hands to your body and softly caressed your thighs, presently wrapped around his waist. He leaned down and kissed you deeply as his hands ran up and down your legs firmly. His kisses moved from your swollen lips down your jawline, lingering on the crook of your neck to bite and suck, leaving small hickeys in his wake. He brought his soft mouth down to your breasts, kissing between them at first before circling his warm tongue around each nipple in turn, biting gently as you ran your hands through his silky blonde hair and moaned his name, squirming beneath his tender touch.

Matthew smiled against your skin before planting soft kisses down to your navel and then kissing his way down below your panty line.  His hands gripped your hips as he kissed your womanhood ever-so-gently, causing you to tug on his hair – in particular, the droopy curl that always hung lazily over his head.

Matthew made a soft, “Ah!” sound before sitting up to dislodge your hands from the top of his head. There, he managed to rid himself of his pants and boxer shorts, his firm member now resting against your nether regions as he gazed down at you.
You bit your lip as you brought a hand down to wrap tenderly around his arousal, making poor Matthew shudder above you and whisper your name as his head came down to rest against your neck. You moved your hand up and down his length, a sultry smile making its way to your lips as you listened to Matthew moan against you. As you continued to move, you felt his fingers suddenly slip past your folds and through to your wet core, his hand having slowly made its way down to the area in between your legs. You hummed in satisfaction as he began to pleasure you, loving how Matthew knew the exact spot to touch in order to reduce you to a moaning mess…

When the two of you became close to your releases, Matthew removed his skilled fingers and you adjusted your hips beneath him as you gripped his member and directed it inside of you. Matthew groaned as he pushed himself all the way in and you arched your back up off of the couch, your breasts pressing up against Matthew’s bare chest in a way that could only increase his desire for you.

Matthew began moving inside of you gradually before the pleasure became too much for him and his tempo increased. Very soon, you found yourself being pounded into by the usually-shy Canadian, eliciting all sorts of moans from you as you dug your nails into his back. His breath hissed out from between his lips and he simply thrust himself into you with more pressure, pausing only to lift one of your legs up onto his shoulder for better access. The stimulation from your foreplay made it difficult for either one of you to last too long, and soon you found yourself reaching a state of heightened pleasure, your moans increasing in volume as to encourage the blonde above you not to stop.

Matthew kept thrusting into you roughly, throbbing between his legs as he began to reach his limit. You were so wet and tight around him…your breasts bouncing beneath him as he moved deep inside of you. The slap of skin on skin and the feel of your firm rear in his hands was too much for the Canadian to handle for too long; after a couple more heavy thrusts, Matthew came inside of you, releasing with a deep moan of your name as he felt you tighten around him and experience the same sensation. Pleasure rolled through your bodies and made you pulse with ecstasy as you lay wrapped around one another.

You stayed still as you tried to regain your breath and clear your fuzzy mind. Nuzzling your face into your boyfriend’s neck, you breathed his scent in again, your arms tightening around his back as you welcomed his embrace. Matthew moved back to plant sweet kisses on your forehead before you shifted yours to meet his warm gaze, noses rubbing together gently.

“Maybe I should take breaks more often,” you whispered with a small smile.

Matthew chuckled softly, “I couldn’t agree more.”

“I love you, Mattie,” you said softly, smiling up at his handsome face and revelling in the look of bliss that shone in his warm violet eyes.

“I love you too, (Name)…” he murmured in response, making your smile widen.

However, after a little while of kissing and bathing in the afterglow of your passion, you groaned.

Leaning up slightly, you checked the time on the clock from the coffee table and pouted at what you saw there. “It’s so late already! And I haven’t finished the chapters yet…ugh.”

“Maybe you’ll have more energy for it now that you’ve…revitalized yourself?”

“I definitely hope so. Otherwise, I may just have to give up and go to bed.”

“…would it be bad for me to say that I hope you give up?”

You laughed at the blonde above you and slapped his behind in reprimand before replying, “Yes! Now, stop distracting me from my work with your sexy body, Matthew Williams!”

Matthew shook his head slowly, mumbling as he rested it against your chest, “Mm, I don’t think so…”

Canada x Reader Lemon : Study Breakby InariXLi

Literature / Fan Fiction / Romance©2013-2014 InariXLi
Mature Content
I've had a couple of requests for a Canada lemon; so here it is! Hope it's okay :iconmattiewilliamsplz:

Thanks for reading!

I do not own Hetalia.
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I should've stopped when it said lemon, and ended up stopping just before the sex. Canada is my fluffy, and I want it to stay that way for me. Nothing against this, bet it was great, just not my thing.
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