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August 18, 2012
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Canada X Reader – The Perfect Pancakes:


Matthew looked around the pancake parlour anxiously, nibbling at his lower lip and rubbing his sweaty palms together underneath the table. Was she here today? Was she working?
She could be on her break, he supposed. At that thought his stomach began to grumble impatiently and he sighed sadly, hanging his head. If ____ wasn't working today, then there was no way he was going to get pancakes. None of the other waitresses ever noticed him!


Matthew had been coming to the little pancake parlour in town ever since he'd discovered it one morning when he'd run out of ingredients to make his own. He'd rushed out to the store but he'd been in such a hurry that he'd accidentally locked his keys inside his car, resulting in him having to walk all the way home to get his spare keys. Luckily, he didn't live too far away, but it was still a pain; he was so hungry! He'd cursed quietly to himself as he began the walk home reluctantly, only to look up and see a pretty little café that he'd never noticed before.

Huh? When did that get there? He thought, eyeing the cute little yellow building thoughtfully. He soon became excited as he saw that it wasn't just a regular café; it was a pancake parlour! Matthew immediately began walking towards it, his stomach rumbling loudly and doing his thinking for him. But when he reached the glass doors with the frilly green curtains, he stopped, his heart sinking with a sudden realization: They probably wouldn't notice him if he try to order some pancakes. They'd just end up ignoring him like everyone else did. Sighing, he turned around again and prepared himself for the hungry trek home.

"Excuse me?" a quiet voice from behind him had made him pause and look back, though he didn't get his hopes up; in all likelihood the person behind him was talking to someone else. No-one ever really spoke to Matthew.

However, when he'd turned around he saw a young woman standing in the doorway of the pancake parlour looking at him, her daffodil-yellow uniform trimmed with green and pink to match the colour of the storefront and her pretty face smiling timidly. Matthew couldn't help but blush and blink at her, not really believing that such a pretty girl would be talking to him directly. Maple...

"I'm sorry to bother you, but you looked like…well, you looked like you wanted to come inside and have some pancakes, to tell you the truth!" she'd smiled radiantly, making Matthew's heart skip a beat.

He'd opened and closed his mouth, trying to find words in order to reply to her. After a minute of embarrassing gaping, he'd finally managed to say in his quiet voice, "Y-you're talking t-to me?"

She'd given him a strange look and smiled again, approaching him on the sidewalk before replying, "Of course, silly! There's no-one else around here at this time of morning. I'm sorry if I got the wrong impression…it just seemed like you wanted to come in, that's all! And I just wanted to assure you that we don't bite," she giggled and winked at him. Matthew didn't think his heart could take it.

"Maple…o-okay…" was all he could manage to say at the time before he followed the pretty young woman inside and ordered some pancakes. She was smiling at him the whole time and Matthew's head swam with happiness, as if he were having a wonderful dream. But he'd already pinched himself a few times and he knew that it was real.

They were the best pancakes he'd ever tasted.

After that day, Matthew had become _____'s best customer, eating pancakes at the parlour nearly every day - or at least every day that _____ worked. He couldn't get her gorgeous smile out of his head and the way she would laugh sweetly at his constant blushing. More than once, she'd asked him if it was okay for her to join him at his booth for her lunch break and they'd eaten pancakes together happily while getting to know one another. Matthew slowly stopped stuttering and blushing quite so much as they grew closer, becoming accustomed to her contagious laugh and always eager to make her smile.


While he sat in his regular booth debating on whether or not to go home or to wait and see whether ____ was working, Matthew didn't notice her slip around the counter with two large plates in her hands, skilfully weaving her way in between the tables towards his booth by the window. She wore her usual smile and blushed when she saw Matthew looking disappointed at not having seen her yet.

He was truly the sweetest guy ____ had ever met; she loved his adorable blush, his droopy curl that bounced around on his head, that sweet little smile and his soothing, quiet voice. Before Matthew had started eating at the pancake parlour, ____ had been seriously considering quitting her job as a waitress there; most of the regular customers were locals and many of the locals were rude, obnoxious teenagers who went to the high school down the street. She'd been growing tired of constantly having to keep her guard up around them, never knowing when they might touch her or say something inappropriate.

But Matthew was completely different. He was so sweet and caring, so unlike all of the guys she was used to dealing with. He never said anything out of line and always kept his hands to himself – even though ____ really wouldn't have minded having him touch her…

She was almost at his table, still unnoticed by the quiet Canadian, when she felt a hand reach out and squeeze her behind. Yelping, ____ turned around and stared down at the group of laughing teenage boys, one of whom still had his hand on her butt.

"I think we'd like a different sort of service from you today, ____," he said sleazily, slapping her rear and looking her up and down with hungry eyes that made her skin crawl. ____ regretted wearing her name badge after hearing the little jerk address her so personally.

"You're in the wrong establishment if you're talking about that kind of service, sir," she said carefully, trying to ease her way past the group of boys without drawing the attention of her boss. The woman was one of those keep-the-customers-happy types that always lost it at ____ when she spoke back to the horny teenagers, even when they were practically threatening her.

Just keep thinking of Matthew, she told herself over and over. It was worth dealing with these punks just to hear Matthew's sweet laugh…

Unfortunately, the jerk grabbed her rear again, minimizing her chances for escape.
However, just as ____ was about to drop the pancakes she was holding onto the guy's head, she felt the hand being ripped off of her by someone else.

Matthew hadn't noticed ____ until he'd looked up to see her being bullied by the group of loud boys from the high school. He couldn't believe it when he saw the guy closest to _____ grab her behind and then slap it! What a complete jerk!

Matthew wasn't normally a violent person. He was too quiet and shy to be aggressive, even though he was actually reasonably strong. But seeing the guy touching _____ that way…he didn't even stop to think before he'd grabbed the guy's arm and pulled it swiftly behind his back, jerking it up painfully while sticking his knee into his lower back. The other boys stared at him in astonishment as their friend yelped in pain.

"Don't you ever touch ____ like that again," Matthew growled, his voice sounding deeper than usual with the strange protective feeling that had come over him. ____ stood in front of them with her mouth open in surprise.

"O-okay, man! Geez, you don't have to break my arm over it! I'm sorry!"

After a minute, Matthew let the boy go and cleared his throat softly, his sudden outburst over as he watched the group of boys get up to leave. He shifted his feet and refused to look at them, until one of the little jerks tapped him on the shoulder and knocked him out cold.


____'s sweet voice was the last thing he remembered before he fell backwards with a clatter of chairs and tablecloths.

Cute Picture: [link]

Part 2: [link]

Mattie!! :love: He's just so damn adorable. Just want to squish him with love!! Is that weird...? Haha.

Thanks for reading!

I don't own Hetalia
I don't own you, either
Canada owns my heart! :blushes:
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*gets pissed at the guy who knocked Matthew out cold* *smiles darkly, throws the pancakes high up in the air, kicks the guy in his 'vital regions' and knocks him out with a swift kick to the face and groin* Don't hurt me or him again, Da? * catches the pancakes* Teehee~ *pretends to frolic in a field, ignoring the fact that everyone is staring at me*
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I was hungry before, and now I'm starving. And now instead of chicken, I want pancakes (okay maybe I still want some chicken but still XD)
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